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Craig A. Kraffert, MD

Certification by American Board of Dermatologist for Craig A. Kraffert, MD.
Certification by American Board of Dermatologist for Craig A. Kraffert, MD.Certification by American Board of Dermatologist for Paul Sajben, MD.

Dr. Craig A. Kraffert is a board-certified dermatologist with over 30 years of clinical experience.  Graduating UCSD with a degree in biochemistry and cell biology, Dr. Kraffert began his career in biomedical research at Scripps Institute in La Jolla, CA. He then went on to study medicine at UCLA and served a surgical internship at the highly regarded UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Kraffert left Los Angeles to serve a dermatology residency at the University of Miami which is consistently regarded as one of the world’s top dermatology training and research programs.

Dr. Kraffert is passionate about dermatology. He remains fully engaged in clinical dermatology practice, striving to achieve excellent outcomes for patients over a wide range of skin concerns. Dr. Kraffert has created a multi-practitioner clinical practice, CK Derm, that includes four full time clinics offering quick convenient appointment access for patients across far Northern California and Southern Oregon. He is a frequent lecturer on dermatology and immunology and is active in dermatology organizations including the California Society for Dermatology which was renamed CalDerm during his presidential tenure.  Dr. Kraffert’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the found of in 1999. His vision and management brought tremendous success to DermStore which enabled him to fulfill his dream of bringing vitality back to the downtown core of his hometown, Redding, California. Once blighted, warehouses taken over by DermStore have since been resurrected by Dr. Kraffert as the Cascade Square, a high-profile Art Deco complex in the center of Downtown Redding. The transformation from decay and decline into a beautiful retail and entertainment landmark has helped stimulate a revitalization that continues to this day.

In late 2007, Dr. Kraffert arranged the strategic sale of to allow more focus on his other skin care, dermatology, and outside interests.  Since 2007, Dr. Kraffert has been the President of Amarte Skin Care, an international company defined by its uniquely efficacious and elegant skin care product offering.  Besides dermatology, Dr. Kraffert takes great pleasure in the old growth coastal forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains of Patagonia. He oversees a vast, untouched Southern Patagonia land reserve with an eye towards eco-tourism and away from mining and unsustainable forestry.  Dr. Kraffert is also involved in corporate efforts to commercialize T-cell immunotherapy innovations he views as having enormous unrecognized potential to improve treatment of cancer and viral disease around the world.

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Dr. Kraffert was efficient and professional – he was also warm and personal which is always a bonus! I would recommend him and his team.
Lee Hamilton
One of the best doctors offices I’ve ever come in contact with. All doctors offices should be this efficient, kind, compassionate and there for their clients.
Meghan Riley
Dr. Kraffert is a phenomenal dermatologist. He recognized my fathers numerous areas of skin cancer and came up with a game plan.
Robert Dillon
Best Dr office visit ever. Staff was professional and friendly. Dr Kraffert had removed a cyst from me and was as painless as a pedicure. It blew me away how painless it was. I will only go here from now on for my Dermatology needs
David Clark
Mom is 85 and Dr Kraffert is wonderful with her. I have been recommending this office for over 20 years. Thanks again for all your care over the years!
Catherine Michael
I loved how they explained the entire process as they went so I was knowledgeable not only of what they were doing by why they were doing it. Absolutely would give them 10 stars if I could.
Robyn Bell